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ESOL Exam:
Your Entry Ticket to UK
  • UK ESOL A1 Test for Spouse/ Settlement Visa: UK B1 & B2 Qualifications for Student Visa
  • UK C1 & C2 Qualifications for Tier 1 or Enterpenur Visa Specialised modules for improving Grammar skills, vocabulary and writing skills
UK Border Agency Approved Course
4 Centers Across India & London
Success Rate
More than 1000 Students have passed
& gone to UK through us
  • ESOl A1 Test - Only Listening & Speaking Module
  • B1 & B2 Qualification for Students
  • Level A1 Esol Test for Spouse Settlement Visa Approved by UK Border Agency
Why ESOL Exam?
You can take Cambridge ESOL exams for many reasons like:
  • Cambridge ESOL exams provide you with A-1 Level Certification (Certification approved by the UKBA) of your
    English Language ability which is useful for Appling of SPOUSE VISA in UK Embassy.
  • Cambridge ESOL exam CAE is also used as an alternative to IELTS for applying of Australia Student Visa.
  • To improve job prospects
  • To measure progress in English
  • Easier than IELTS, all Universities & Colleges in UK Accept ESOL , for A1 Level - Listening & Speaking
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